Choosing your fence materials

Property boundaries have traditionally been constructed using wooden posts, strainers and stays strung with a range of high tension wires or wooden rails chosen to suit the client's needs.  These traditional materials are time served, well understood and fit the job in hand but have the inherent disadvantage of  being reliant upon natural materials which rot, fade, decay and need regular maintenance.  A traditional fence, with regular maintenance has a relatively short life; neglected, has a very short life.

Engineering Plastics (PVCu)...

  • Does not rot, fade, splinter, or decay.
  • No need for preservatives or regular painting.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • MUCH stronger than  wood.
  • No maintenance - EVER!
  • Pleasing materials - smooth and warm to touch - maintains it's original colour year after year.

Duralock advanced fence materials are available in White, Brown and Green - ask for installation photographs.

The choice is yours...


Consider the lifetime costs when choosing boundary security for your property.

Agricultural - Equestrian - Industrial - Domestic