Electric Fencing & Livestock Handling Systems by RAPPA

TR Fencing is the local agent for Orkney and Northern Scotland for the entire 'Rappa' range of electric fencing and livestock handling equipment.   TR Fencing can supply the full range of Rappa fencing products together with freely offered knowledge and experience.  Electric fencing systems are offered for equestrian, sheep, cattle and game usage, together with specialised equipment for poultry and rabbit control.


Call or email TR Fencing for a free copy of the informative Rappa catalogue.

The comprehensive Rappa range of professional fencing equipment is designed and manufactured in the UK and New Zealand to the highest standards.  Safe and effective for all forms of livestock control, a Rappa fencing system can be quickly installed to suit your specific needs.

  • Fencing machines for ATV and trailer mounting
  • Temporary or seasonal fencing kits
  • Perimeter protection, strip grazing or quick segregation solutions
  • Permanent installations for year-round use
  • Protection systems for boundary fences
  • Battery, mains and solar energisers suited to the smallest paddock to equipping the largest of properties
  • Fence system testers
  • Accessories, tools, gates, netting, trailers - everything you need to install and maintain effective livestock control

Ask about the Prattley range of mobile sheep and cattle handling equipment.  Designed to handle large numbers of sheep and cattle in remote areas; an entire yard accommodating up to 1,000 ewes can be packed onto a compact trailer and pulled by a Land Rover or quad bike.

 How does it work?

An electric fence is based on three components:

  • an energiser to generate regular pulses of electrical current
  • the fence wire to conduct the current
  • an earthing system to return the current back to the energiser

The energiser sends brief, high voltage pulses of electrical current down the fence line. When an animal touches the wire, its body closes the circuit, allowing the electricity to flow down to the ground and back to the energiser. The pulse only lasts for a fraction of a second, so the animal only feels a very brief shock, and moves away from the fence immediately.

An electric fence is really a psychological barrier, so you can use fewer materials than a physical barrier, keeping cost to a minimum . It is also completely safe – animals dislike the sensation, deterring them from approaching the fence in the future. Most animals will receive a shock within the first week of the fence being erected; from then on they will avoid it.



Expand-a-Gate: up to 20m of instant electrified barrier


ATV Rappa erects or dismantles up to 1.2Km of fencing in one go!


Equine gate kit - safe and effective for horses and ponies


Boundary fence stand-off protects existing fence lines

Agricultural - Equestrian - Industrial - Domestic